HOPKINS ASSOCIATES combines the best of classic leadership theory, spirituality, and practical experience to offer a visionary solution to leadership development. Our primary objective is to provide a new way of thinking about old leadership… and a new means of developing leaders.

Personal Leadership Development

Leaders are those people in organizations who fight through the bureaucracy to accomplish extraordinary things. From those emerging into the leader role to seasoned leaders with years of experience, moving beyond old leadership skills into new way of thinking about leadership is crucial to organizational success. Call on our experience and know-how to develop and strengthen the leadership capacity of those in your organization.

Team Leadership Development

Effectiveness starts with leadership and successful leadership requires trust, influence, communication, accountability, and team work. Building the capacity of organizational teams requires an intentional focus on leadership development. Call on our experience and know-how to reinforce the importance of team work.

Organizational Leadership Development

Having the right people on the bus and in the right seat is a challenge for even the most seasoned leader. When it comes to achieving organizational goals, this becomes critical. However, organizations don’t have time to conduct in-depth leadership analyses, develop the required leadership and organizational development models, or to effectively align organizational strategies related to leadership development. Call on our experience and know-how to help you put people in the right seat.