A new way of thinking about old leadership

HOPKINS ASSOCIATES combines the best of classic leadership theory, spirituality, and practical experience to offer a visionary solution to leadership development. Our primary objective is to provide a new way of thinking about old leadership… and a new means of developing leaders.

Our Leadership Philosophy

To whom much is given, much is expected -- Luke 12:48 

Leadership is the ability to empower others to create new management or human systems to efficiently and effectively achieve change through organizational goals and decision making. That’s classic leadership theory. We believe leaders are those people in organizations who fight through the bureaucracy to accomplish extraordinary things. Through individual strength and spirituality, leaders seek to mature and advance the mission of the organization. Individuality and interpersonal relationships combine to help define the leaders' role in an organization. Leadership is explained less in terms of formal definitions but experienced more in terms of action and decision making.


We are available for keynote and speaking engagements, half-day, full-day, and multi-day workshop facilitations, classroom and professional development teaching, and leadership and organizational development consulting. See an overview of our customizable solutions. 

Recent Clients

Wesley United Methodist Church